How does Uni5 SHARP helps learning efficient, easy, interesting and not forget it?

There are three aspects in learning:

  1. Dissect an information or complex idea into parts, in a particular pattern format. This simplifies in easy understanding and is called Uni5 pattern based learning through differentiation approach. The learner by differentiating in five patterns also can understand difference of all things from obvious to very minute or unseen levels.
  2. Integrate all the parts into the whole to understand the relationship of the parts and its unified working. Example, human body should be divided into parts and learnt and also should learn how it works as a single system as a whole. Learning without integrating creates wrong conclusions.
  3. Self connecting both the dissected and integrated knowledge is the most vital part for complete understanding and to be creative with the knowledge one gained.

 Uni5 System helps in all these three aspects of learning making it as the complete system.

Teachers are vital part in implementing this effectively. We therefore give vigorous training to the teachers along with the Uni5 Education Syllabus. Teachers are given freedom to choose any of the methodology and creative ideas to explain kids on the Uni5 concepts. They exhibit various methods and ways to make deep understanding in kids.

Kids from age 1 to 14 use this education both in School and Homeschooling.

Ways to explain the very basic concepts:

  • Explanation via speech
  • Materials
  • Show and Tell
  • Models
  • Stories
  • Songs
  • Small Skits
  • Drawings
  • Statue / Idols
  • Research
  • Debate
  • Discussion
  • Audios
  • Direct Experience
  • Experts talk from that particular field
  • Exhibition
  • Nature walking
  • Mini Projects
  • Research projects
  • Worksheets are given based on a child’s need and grasping.