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Course Description

This course material is for beginners. The purpose of this course is to introduce the beginning lessons in UNI5. This will be a starting material for anyone age who would like to learn concepts via UNI5 method. It has been made as visual video. We have given the list of probes and other details for each topic. This will be useful for teachers and home schooling parents.

Key concepts covered

  • Bramham – Sakthi [water – ice, clay – vessels, seeds – sprouts, egg – chick model]
  • Male-female triangles [male yellow, female red]
  • Male-female marapaachi dolls to show male-female energy.
  • Shiva lingam, Devi
  • Shiva lingam, Devi, Kaala Bairavar, clock [idols, dolls or photos] – Time energy
  • Presenting intellectual energy as Vishnu.
  • Cosmic triangle – Shiva lingam, Devi, Vishnu or Poori Jaganathar idols, dolls or photos, seed, sprout can be placed. Energy conversion can be added with a cosmic triangle.
  • Big bang theory – udukkai, kaithaalam,Buddist bowl, bell, a balloon bursting, and many thermocoal balls spreading
  • Dark energy – kaali concept, glass bowl or tumbler, inked water, Kaali idol, doll or photo
  • Panchabhoothas – mud, water, lamp, hand fan and tumbler space and Panchabhootha temples must be shown
  • Panchabhoothas in hand, show abaya hastham in idols.
  • Showing panchaboothas in Natarajar idol.]
  • Panchabhoothas and geometry – [square, crescent moon, triangle, circle, ellipse – shapes in solid or pictures form]
  • Panchabhoothas in body
  • BMIAC [body, mind, intelligence, awareness, consciousness – seftual] concept
  • Body
  • Mind
  • Intelligence
  • Awareness
  • Consciousness [selftual]
  • Functions of panchabhoothas – Expansion, collision, interaction, transformation, localization [ rubber band, agarbathy with glass tumbler, fire with a paper, water with ink, mud, few shapes of any objects]
  • Functionalities of panchabhoothas – Expansion, collision, interaction, transformation, localization –